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Our Company was incorporated as D P Wires Private Limited under the provisions of the Companies Act 1956 vide certificate of incorporation dated February 26, 1998, issued by the Registrar of Companies, Maharashtra, Mumbai. The registered office was shifted to Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh in 2012 to achieve operational & administrative efficiency.

We are engaged in manufacturing and supply of Steel wires, plastic films which find its application in industries like oil & gas, power, environment, civil, energy, automobile, infrastructure etc. All our manufacturing divisions are situated in a single premise at Industrial Estate, Ratlam.

In the year 2001-02, we started commercial production of wire drawing of stainless steel & alloy steel, polyethene and polyethene layflat tubing. In year 2003-04 we have started production of LRPC Strands used in bridges, flyovers etc. Later on we kept on introducing new products on the basis of demand and our production capacity.

We are also engaged in power generation through 2 wind farms of 0.80 MW each in village Okha-Madhi and Jodhpur in District Jamnagar. We have entered into PPA with Gujarat UrjaVikas Nigam Limited for sale of electricity generated through these wind farms for a period of 20 years. Both these wind farms were installed on turnkey basis by Eneron India Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2006-07.

Our Plastic Products have been used in Lining of Canals, Landfills, Highway & Road Constructions, Ponds, Tanks, Water Reservoirs, Mining, and Solution Ponds and for corrosion Resistant on Steel tanks etc.

Our Wire Products find application in construction, bridges, oil & gas, infrastructure etc.

We have developed a renowned name in the field of steel wire and plastic industry having ISO 9001-2008 certification that highlights our capability and facilities requisite for the development of the best in class LDPE Film, Plastic Films, LDPE Films, Pond Lining Film, HDPE Film, Cap Covers, Wires, and others. Our Company Products are durable and highly efficient owing to which, we regularly receive huge appreciation from the customers. We have efficiently met the demand within committed time frame while assuring competitive pricing.

We are known for finding individual solutions based on state-of-the-art industrial standards. We achieve this using customer-oriented processes that are continually optimised and characterised by a spirit of partnership. Due to our long-standing experience we are able to implement large-scale and small-scale customised solutions for our customers.

Our products are supplied as per Indian and International specification. The quality standard applies across the board for us. All areas, from manufacturing to the sustainable securing of our locations right up to the training and safety of our employees and suppliers during the production and distribution process are subjected to the highest requirements.

We are constantly improving and expanding our processes and technologies. The balanced relationship between state-of-the-art technology and automation on the one hand, and experienced, motivated employees on the other, makes us a modern, industrial manufacturing business.

Our top management always emphasis on core strength and policies that focus on technology and great deliverance. With a passion to set high standards of services, the management has always taken all measures to scale up as and when required only to deliver the best. We work diligently and have a wide range of equipment to carter to every need and to reach the client sensitivity and centricity.

Marketing plays a crucial role in our business and our Company has an efficient team of marketing professionals which forms part of our core strength. Our goal is to build relationships through our flexibility to meet customer’s customer needs. We constantly make an effort to add more value to our products and services, thereby providing ultimate customer satisfaction.

Environmental protection aspects are taken into account whenever an important decision is made.
We are committed to the conscious, economical use of resources.

Over the last 20 years we are continuously serving top companies like Hindalco Industries Ltd (Aditya Birla group), Reliance Industries Ltd., APCO Infratech Ltd. and some of the leaders in the engineering and construction industry like Gannon Dunkerley& Co. Ltd., Larsen & Toubro Ltd., NavyugaEngg Co. Ltd., U.P. State Bridge Corporation Ltd., MM Auto Industries Ltd., and many more.

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