5 Homely Uses Of Plastic Film Sheets

Information5 Homely Uses Of Plastic Film Sheets

5 Homely Uses Of Plastic Film Sheets

Plastic film sheets are a great little invention that can help you with a variety of tasks around the house or office. A quick search on YouTube will provide you with some pretty cool examples of what you can do with plastic film sheets. Here are some of our favourites:

1) Cleaning your microwave – Microwaves are one place where food and grime accumulate quickly, but using the plastic as a microwaving cover will keep it from going further into the appliance and making it look gross. Just be sure to remove the plastic before using it so it doesn’t accumulate much more than it already has.

2) Cleaning a microwave – Here’s another great idea for cleaning a microwave. Tuck your plastic film sheet into the cavity of the microwave, wrap it around the bottom, then bring it back out and give it a good wipe-down on both sides of the appliance. This method will get rid of many stains that you may have not been able to get at with just your microfiber cloth.

3) Cleaning burns on food – Now we’re getting into some serious cleaning power here. This is a good idea for getting rid of those burnt on splatters and things that wouldn’t come off easily with other cleaning tools. Soak the plastic sheet in some water and then rub it against the area you’re having trouble getting rid of. This will help loosen up sticky food stuck on the appliance and make it easier to remove. Soak the sheet in more water if needed to loosen up the mess even more.

4) Cleaning melted ice cream – Just like ice cream, melted butter will stain your plastic movie sheet, so try wrapping it around the fingers of your wooden spoon or spatula and giving it a good rubbing while applying pressure. The butter will stick to the plastic and you can easily remove all that hard work with a simple wipe-down.

5) Cleaning a door and/or handle – Basically, you’re just using your plastic film sheet as a replacement for paper towels. If your cleaning clothes are on the dirty side, use your plastic sheet to wipe down door handles and other areas that need a little more love than usual.

6) Cleaning in between countertops – When you don’t have access to soap or you’re having trouble reaching the areas between your kitchen counters, try using your plastic film sheet instead. Just like in the microwave, you can use this as a clean barrier between your dirty cleaning rag and the countertops.

7) Cleaning in between keyboard keys – Make sure not to use this for painting over your computer keyboard because it will cause static buildup under the keys that make typing difficult. However, it’s perfect for cleaning between your keycaps so you don’t get any food particles stuck in those hard to reach spots.


These are just some of the ways that you can use plastic film sheets. You can also make your own cleaning pad to use on delicate items like glassware or tabletops, but this post is mainly meant to be a guide on how you can use plastic film sheets for various home tasks.

So what are you waiting for? To start using your plastic film sheet, all you need is a roll of film and some scissors.

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